Are You Sure It Is Not My Birthday?

Are You Sure It Is Not My Birthday?
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Yes, MAM, I‘m sure, because it’s mine!

We are wrapping up a fun bday weekend here. It started yesterday, when we went with my parents to a local Elk farm. Yes, they have such things. in Indiana.

We took a hayride out to see the grazing elk, MAM got to pet one, it was all very rural.

When we got home, we made our first batch of home-made, deep fried goodness. Deep fried goodness you ask? Oh yes. We are now the proud owners of our own deep fryer. Due to MAM’s allergies, deep fryers are a no-no (what kind of oil do they use? what do they fry in it?). So my parents decided to buy her a fryer.Because a two year old needs that. To MAM’s delight, we made French Fries yesterday for lunch, and they were a huge hit!

Later that night we enjoyed a great birthday dinner (including wheat-free battered fried mushrooms), and some allergen free CHOCOLATE CAKE (we resisted the urge to drop that in the vat of grease that now sits in my kitchen). Yum.

Then I opened my presents–a lovely fall ornament that will spin in the wind and a chocolate mixer contraption. A chocolate mixer contraption? A jug that has a little propeller in the middle to mix drinks in–mochas, lattes, etc. YUM.
I don’t know if you can see it in the picture, but I also got new *bling-bling* for my birthday–a silver chain with a lovely heart from BgK and MAM. I love it!

Today’s been a quiet day, with BgK off doing school things, MAM taking a nap and me watching a chick flick. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio. It’s cute, sort of depressing, but mostly cute. I’m really glad I’m not married to a washed-out alcoholic crooner. I think this lady (based on a true story) would have been one heck of a blogger (if she had a minute to herself to you know, blog). She would have her blog be sassy and monetize it in assorted ways, and WIN all the great prizes, like the TV’s, vacuums and so forth that make there way to the pubic via giveaways. I can totally see it now.

Anyway, all in all a fun, relaxing bday weekend, centering mostly around family and food…what more could a *34* year old girl ask for???

4 Replies to “Are You Sure It Is Not My Birthday?”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have mine (38!!) on Weds. I think I’ll not be getting any bling, but gonna go pick out a new expensive purse 🙂

    We should get together next year for a birthday cocktail.

    I’m glad you’re not married to a washed up, alcoholic crooner, too…that’d be a true bummer.

  2. Oh no! I did NOT have your bday written down in my calendar! You could have been one of my hundreds of friends and family who receive cards two weeks late, or get the message – “hey, I missed your birthday again, but I’m thinking of you! Hope it was fun!”

    Gosh, I guess it’s not really out of the ordinary for me to say it now! Just like family…

    Can’t believe Woob’s mom, you and I all have September bdays! What a lot in common!


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