Nice *DOES* Matter

Imagine my surprise this evening when I logged on and found that my dear SIL had spread a little bloggy love my way… award for my friendliness–could I be more complimented?? Thanks, Beth! Just for that, I’ll come to your house and fold some laundry.

Now that I’ve received such an honor, it’s only right that I pay it forward to three more friendly bloggers–bloggers who leave supportive comments, have a positive message and otherwise are just a lovely presence in the blogosphere. (completely my own criteria, here)

Sooo the winners in my book are my dear friend Stork (also known as AP’s mom), who’s Just Trying to Figure Out How it All Works. Stork is the epitome of friendly–after meeting each other in an all-day adoption orientation meeting, we started emailing each other and have been friends ever since. Know what’s great? We adopted kiddos only two months apart, and when they grow up, they will go to prom together. How’s that for convenience?

The next winner is my friend in the hunt and decimation of all things gluten-containing, Just Heather. Heather is actually my idol in bargain hunting, coupon clipping, as well as the decimation of gluten. She’s sort of a shopping goddess in my book, plus, she’s on TV.

And last but not least, a new friend in my blog-world, katd, a mom through adoption just like me with the most adorable girl–see fabulous pictures at They Grow in Your Heart. She posts Deep Thoughts on Adoption, and always adds pictures of the aforementioned most adorable girl–a most friendly blogger indeed.

Now, most prestigious winners, pass on the love to three bloggers YOU know.

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  1. I am SO honored! My first award! I would like to thank the Academy (of bloggers)…..

    OOOH – fun time all day thinking of whom to pass this to! And thanks for the new blog to read – I”ll check out katd’s!

    I didn’t know Heather was a local celeb – WOWSA~!

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