1.2lbs? Practically maintaining!

Ok, if I’d lost 1.2 lbs, I’d be lavishing praise on myself, saying that I’d lost an equivalent of 4 sticks of butter….you know the drill.

Since I GAINED 1.2lbs, I’m calling it “practically maintaining”.

Things to do this week:

1) MOVE!!! As in, walk faster than a stroll, maybe even sweat.

2) JUST SAY NO–to Trader Joe’s Gelato. Holy Cow that stuff is soooo good. Truthfully, I’m going to lick the tub clean, but I won’t EVER buy it again. I promise.

3) Quit eating all of MAM’s “allergy” food. I’ve sampled everything (don’t you sample what you feed your kids?), so now I know what it tastes like. Now I can go back to my low-fat/diet foods and she can have her gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free concoctions all to herself.

4) Have I mentioned move more and eat less? I think I read that somewhere……

3 Replies to “1.2lbs? Practically maintaining!”

  1. I’m trying SO hard to lose, too. I’m doing Oprah’s guy Dr. Oz’s “You on a Diet” thing. It’s okay, but the moving thing is what’s getting me, too.
    Hang in there! 🙂

  2. Oooh – TJs has gelato? Yummy. Bring some to the zoo picnic! No, don’t. We’ll just walk and eat healthy that day…. Maybe.

    Are you taking evening walks after dinner? I know it’s hard to drag back out after a long day at work, but we even got T to go with us last night! They’re not long ones. Just short. Or sometimes I hook up the trailer for a bike ride. But they’re SOMETHING at least.

    Where are you riding your bike w/ MAM in tow? Just around the neighborhood, or have you found some other place to take it? I wondered if it wouldn’t be too wide for a greenway…

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