Week 16 and other details

Today is week 16 weigh-in at Tales from the Scales. 16 weeks and 5lbs…..hm that makes my average weight loss what, less than .5lb per week. Of course, weight that comes off slowly stays off, right? That’s about all I have to say about that.

MAM started running a fever this afternoon, so tomorrow I get to take my first sick day of the school year. So maybe the cough is a virus or a cold, not a food reaction? seriously, WTF? Why is she so sick?? I think I may call the doc to examine this a little more. Her hands are constantly in her mouth also so let’s throw the last few bits of teething in the mix as well. At least we can knock out environmental allergies, since all of those tests came back negative.

Yikes. I’m off to find something to snack on…..

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  1. Okay – just keep on being thankful for your insurance!!!! That’s been a HUGE positive throughout the past two years with all these snotty battles!

    I am SO sorry she’s not feeling well.

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