Are you going to blog about this?

That is the most asked question in my house after, “Can MAM eat this?”

And after I opened the Target bag, the answer is “Yes, I will blog about this.”

This evening BgK stopped by Target on his way home, and when he arrived, his Target bag contained: a blue storage tote, a stuffed monkey, a hand mirror set and some contraband candy.

He handed the stuffed monkey to MAM,

“What’s the tote for?” I asked, as I slyly slid the candy to the freezer where it will stay until MAM goes to bed.

“This tote is for your LADIES DAYS SUPPLIES. As much as I like looking at them all time, I think they will fit in here just fine.”

See, when we were dating, obviously the SUPPLIES were hidden at all times. After awhile, once we were married, I felt comfortable leaving the SUPPLIES out for those days of the month.

Now, what, with the child, the job, the insanity I call life, I just don’t have it in me to keep moving said supplies back and forth (we have one of those master baths where the toilet is sort of stashed away from the vanity, so there’s no leaning and reaching while on the commode). So I just sort of keep them in the corner next to the toilet all the time. Now how obstrusive can a 20 pack be?

Well, see, I don’t know, cause I shop at SAMS.

So you know, my SUPPLIES are basically covered for what, 12-18months at a time. Sure it takes up space, but I never run out. And now I have a nifty new tote to stash them in.

3 Replies to “Are you going to blog about this?”

  1. Hiiiiiiilarious! I love the euphemism “ladies’ day supplies”….

    I used to write them down on my shopping list simply as “money” (as in we spand WAY too much money on this junk)…. So no one would know what I needed to buy. (um, but then I’d just toss them in the shopping cart nonchalantly and wait 10 people deep in a line with a female cashier rather than hit the open line with the teenage boy checker…..)

  2. Too funny! My husband is one of those liberal, open-minded guys who buys my “ladies day supplies” for me whenever I need them. He did make me move them off the back of the toilet when his boss was coming over for dinner. You know cause she will be hanging out in our bathroom… Usually he does not mind. And I do stash mine on my off days!

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