The first day of school, the sequel

Today was really the first day of school–the first day of school in our newly constructed building. Reasons why it rocked:

1. I didn’t have to apply bug spray or sunscreen
2. I didn’t have to play camp counselor
3. My students were happy not to be in “the log cabin” anymore.
4. No one wet their pants.
5. A few parents banded together and gave the staff an appreciation luncheon–La Fiesta style
6. I didn’t break a sweat.
7. The day was pleasant and went by quickly.
8. I had enough energy when I got home to cook dinner and do a few things, not just zone out on the couch.

Truly, this was the best first day of real school ever. Partially, I think, because we were all so grateful to be off the ever-loving prairie!!!

To top it off, MAM came home with NO wet clothes. We’ve been averaging 1-2 pairs of wet undies a day, which is perfectly understandably. Today? None. Now she didn’t go 100% at home, but that’s ok. Making it to the potty for 9 hours straight is quite a feat!

The one odd thing is that her cough is back–it started yesterday, and she coughed through the night and during nap today. She’s gone to be early because she was so exhausted. She’s had absolutely no milk, so I’m thinking the cough may be the product of one of the other triggers which may have snuck into her diet. Have you ever tried eliminating SOY? Nearly impossible. If it’s gone tomorrow, we’ll know it was for sure a reaction and not a cold (I think).

If the first day of school hadn’t gone so swimmingly well, I think I’d start studying dietetics and consider changing careers.

2 Replies to “The first day of school, the sequel”

  1. If the cough is back only after a day at school, is it possible there is something there that could be causing it? Have you checked the glue, paint, doughs, etc your school uses? Have you talked with her teachers about cross-contamination? They can’t handle one kids sandwich and then give your daughter a rice cake-there will be all sorts of gluteny goodness on her food. What about other kids and sharing or crumbs-are the tables being well cleaned before she eats and after each activity? It is so much to think about. I do not envy you!

    Oh, and to answer your question, yes we have tried eliminating soy! What a nightmare that experience was. I’m so glad she seems to be past her soy allergy. Now we’re just down to gluten, dairy and meat!

  2. I am SO glad that you are FINALLY in the building! YAY. And that it went well.

    Your parents are GREAT for realizing the hell you’ve been through for their kids and showing their appreciation….

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