Time to Try Something New

Given my adventures on the prairie this week, I am searching for other ways to generate income. Lemonade stand? Selling plasma? Selling my stuff on Ebay? Selling a kidney? Dog walking? Tutoring? I’m exploring all the options. Not that I’m quitting my job any time soon, but if my real job continues at this pace, I need a source of income to cover my chocolate/alcohol/Starbucks habit. Thankfully, after this week, I won’t need bug spray or sunscreen on a regular basis.

After exploring the options (and realizing I can’t realistically run a lemonade stand and be a mom), I’ve joined PayPerPost. It appears straightforward enough, and I promise to only promote things I really like. I love to tell people what I think, so why not do it this way??? Opportunities are posted on the website, and you can browse through and choose which opportunities may work for you. The pay rates vary from $5 on up. With any luck (and some work) , I’ll generate a little “mad” money, because I’ve certainly gone mad after this week! And, hello, why not get paid to talking about stuff I’d talk about anyway?!?!

Curious to find out more about what sort of opportunities that may be out there for you?? All over the internet, PPP has been known to drive traffic and get the word out about great products and websites. It’s matching bloggers to products, products to bloggers and so forth. Matches made in bloggy-heaven!

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