It was nice while it lasted…

So the down side of having a wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free household is that when you are presented with baked goods and your kiddo isn’t around, you go a little overboard.

I work with a group of ladies who either eat or bake when they are stressed. It’s a nice balance–there are bakers and there are eaters. Since I don’t bake, guess which group I fall in???

That would be the eaters. So the fudgy brownies with chocolate chunks, along with the oatmeal-vanilla chip cinnamon cookies that were baked were eaten–by me, every time I walked into the school kitchen last week. We had a lot of boxes to unpack and move around–so I walked into the kitchen a lot. I couldn’t help it….I kept finding kitchen boxes (and wrestling them out of peoples hands so that I could go to the kitchen, but that’s another post) .

How many treats did I eat? Apparently about 7,000 calories worth because I’ve gained back 1.6lbs for an even 174.0 weight this morning.

Since we’re out on the prairie this week with the children (since the school parking lot isn’t done and we haven’t passed inspection), I was hoping to get more exercise-yesterday we did go on a nature walk. But then it started raining. And it hasn’t stopped. The more it rains, the more time we will spend on the prairie (in a log cabin room, no less) since our new school can’t open til the parking lot is done. And right now the gravel pit that needs to be paved is a swimming pool.

So while I may get more exercise on the prairie (once it stops raining) I think there will be much consumption of mood-altering substances such as chocolate and what not. Maybe it will balance itself out. Maybe I will become a fatter person on the prairie. At this point, I don’t really care!

4 Replies to “It was nice while it lasted…”

  1. Oy veh! I’m a sucker for brownies too. It’s okay, tomorrow is another day, right? Don’t totally give up hope! đŸ™‚

  2. I bet the brownie was nice tho, huh? and you enjoyed it? Remember that each new day is a fresh start and keep going. Sounds like you’ve been doing great overall.

  3. Holy Moses, those cookies sound awesome. I think it’s hilarious that you were making “extra trips” to the kitchen. Sounds like me.

    Things will even out, they always have a way of doing so!

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