Hooray for Friday!

Today’s been the best day of this never-ending week.

For starters, it was our last day on the PRAIRIE. That, in and of itself, makes it the best day of the week.

For seconds, I met with a fantastic pediatric dietitian, who told me I was doing a great job eliminating MAM’s allergens, and gave me a few things to add to my to-do list on that front. I need to check out our most frequented restaurants to find out about frying oil and assorted additives to meat products. I also need to check labels and exclude products “manufactured on shared equipment” to said allergens. But she also said that phone calls or emails to assorted companies can verify if a specific product is made on shared equipment. Why be so diligent? So that she can totally avoid these foods for awhile, which should facilitate her out growing of said allergens. Without total avoidance, they may not go away or they may pop up later.

Thirdly, I ate every meal out today. I did find it ironic that I ate an exceptional double cheeseburger from Hardee’s on my way to the dietitian, but such is life. Why the sink is still full of dishes is beyond me.

And last but not least, after working for 3.5 hours tonight, my classroom is ready for Monday. And more importantly, the building finally passed inspection, so the classrooms can actually open on Monday. In our lovely new building AND NOT ON THE PRAIRIE.

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  1. Vegetable oil is going to be a tricky one! We went through it when Lorelai was having soy problems last year. Most vegetable oil is strictly soy. I had to buy canola oil for home, and it meant no fried anything away from home. Of course, that is an issue anyway since most restaurants cook fries in the same vat as breaded chicken, thus contaminating an otherwise gluten free food.

  2. I’m starting to realize that we may not eat out again for a long, long time! MAM started coughing this morning, the nagging cough she’s had for most of her life, and of course, now I’m wondering if it’s the oil she’s had over the past few days(busy week=dinner out=FRENCH FRIES). Insanity.

  3. YAY for back in the school room.

    And for the possibilty for outgrowing these allergies – let’s hope. She’ll be very lucky if she’s able to do that. That’s the best news yet! I’m glad you’re seeing a dietician. Gee – I have tons of questions I should slip you to ask her next time….

    Oh, and isn’t Heather’s little Lorelai blessed with the most gorgeous name? LOVE that name!

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