Trying Not to be Paranoid

Trying not to be paranoid is a tough thing in 2007.

Between the lead paint, the detrimental effects of Baby E, looking out for dairy, egg, soy, wheat and gluten, and just parenting in general, paranoia is easy to come by.

Marcie, over at My Two Boys has compiled a great list of companies that are lead-free, complete with linkage. She updates it daily, or as new info comes in, because she’s good like that.

Check it out, and then breath a sigh of relief–there are still plenty of toys in the world that are safe for our kiddos!

One Reply to “Trying Not to be Paranoid”

  1. I am good, aren’t I????

    Just kidding. Its hard stinkin work keeping that thing updated!

    I also have an awesome Signing Time Giveaway for the next FOUR weeks!!!

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