Back to School…sort of

As much as I haven’t posted about it lately, I still have a “real” job–you know, in addition to being mom to MAM and so forth, I am a teacher of young children. This summer I worked in the school office, and it was fairly uneventful. But now, it’s that time of year–school is starting next week.

But really it isn’t.

Really, the building that’s being built for us, isn’t ready yet.

Really, every day the schedule for completion changes. Every day I go in with an agenda, and every day, it is curtailed and put off another day.

Really, we will be at an off-site location for at least three days next week. Not having school, because you can’t just up and move an entire Montessori school for three days.

Really, it will be a summer camp of sorts.

Really, if I wanted to be a camp counselor, I would have continued as one at Girl Scout camp.

Really, now my teaching partner and I have to plan a week of summer camp, and also set up our classroom environments also.

Really, I’m tired of smiling and saying, “it’s OK’.

Really, it’s not OK at all.

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