Potty ponderings.

Admist all the birthday happenings, I forgot to post about special milestone–MAM’s ability to take off her diaper and say, “I POTTY-ed” in any given situation. During dance class, snack time, at the park…..and my favorite, my girlfriend’s house. Imagine my surprise when she came up to me with a pull-up in her hand loaded with poop-pellets, an angelic smile and announced, “I poop mommy”, right in the middle of dinner. That’s my girl.

After three days of self-diaper changes, I asked Ms. A at Rainbow what she wanted to do–duct tape, suspenders, the kind of pull-ups that freeze your hoo-ha when wet, what would make things easier? Ms. A’s answer?

“Michelle, I think we should try panties”
“Um, A, you mean real panties? The kind she would leak through?”
“Yes, that kind. She’ll catch on, I promise.”

So today, being a quiet at home day, I put her in panties upon waking up and MAM has made it to the potty ALL DAY LONG. She woke up a little before 8am, we put on panties and they have be dry all day long. She even pooped on the potty.

We left the house for a lunch date, and she stayed dry the entire time. We tried to go at the restaurant, but she didn’t actually go.

I put a diaper on her during nap for insurance, but 3 hours later, she woke up dry, and promptly sat on the potty.

I know there will be accidents, but I think we are off to a great start.

Let the laundry begin. And BTW, what’s your thought on hand-me-down-panties? We’ve got a bagful, they’ve been laundered, and were mostly used at this stage of the game by a friend of mine. It’s not like buying used ones at Goodwill, is it?

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  1. I’m so jealous! We are in the midst of potty training and it is most definitely not going as easy. Thanks for commenting on my interview at Tales from the Scales!

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