May Day Weight Loss Challenge week 13

Ok, I’ll admit it–I’m up 1.5 this week to bring me up to 175 (again). I think it’s time to get serious again, and to maybe stop eating so damn much. Really, no matter how you slice it, that’s the crux (or crust) of the issue. What have I been eating???? Well….chips and crackers at the pool, French silk birthday pie, a fried-chicken picnic, tiramisu, ice cream for lunch, need I say more??

I’m not going to say anymore, except to say that I am going to drink more water and less vodka tonics and eat less crap. Period.

7 Replies to “May Day Weight Loss Challenge week 13”

  1. LOL, I nearly died when I read Tiramasu. Man I loved that. Past tense for me though 🙁

    Maybe we can’t have it all. I would sure love some no cal Tiramasu though!

  2. Ugh. Here’s to deciding to change things and STICKING WITH THE PLAN!! I’m with you. Best of luck to both of us in the upcoming week!!

  3. I’ll take your tiramisu and raise you a whopper with cheese! You can’t be good every week, so at least the food was good!!!

  4. Switching to water from my diet Dr. Pepper always makes a weight loss difference for me, too. But I’m with you and June — less crap. LOL

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