A weekend of fun and firsts

Happy Birthday Monkey
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MAM had a fabulous day Friday, if I do say so myself. Sprinkler day at Rainbow, swimming with friends at home, cheeseburgers and french fries for dinner, French silk pie for her birthday cake, some prezzy’s, what else could a two year old ask for? She was up til almost 11pm, what with all the sugar and toys and what not!

Saturday morning we were all dog-tired, but we dragged ourselves out of bed to head downtown to meet MAM’s bmom, J, and bbro, Z. We went to the state museum and to the IMAX theater there. If you’re going to go to see your first movie, you may as well make it a big one!

The IMAX show was Sharks, 3D and it was really, really cool! MAM was really tired and didn’t wear her glasses, but I did, and it was wild. It really did seem like the jellyfish were swimming in front of us!

MAM made it through the whole 45 minute movie, she got a little antsy, but did just fine overall. We had a good visit with J and Z–not much is new on their front.

After lunch, MAM fell asleep on the way home, and stayed asleep when we brought her upstairs. BgK and I quickly followed suit–we both crashed for two hours as well!

This afternoon we’re off to a cookout after nap time.

The weekend fun just never ends!

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  1. Oh, Mich, I haven’t checked in in awhile…MAM’s SECOND BIRTHDAY!! Oh my goodness! Sounds like you had a ball!

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