And Now She is TWO

At the skate park
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Today MAM will officially turn TWO. It feels like she’s been two for awhile now–since say, June, when the talking and the running and independence started to surge forward and take control of our little world.

Now instead of a baby, we’ve got a little person–a person who knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. A person who has friends–friends she can name and ask about on a daily basis. A person who can make choices like juice or milk, goldfish or honey bee crackers, string cheese or yellow cheese, Crocs or sneakers, pink socks or white. She has a keen sense of order and knows where things go-knows where her shoes go by the door, knows the dirty dishes go in the sink, knows how the car seat clips together, knows how to put on her shoes. She tries to get herself dressed, can take off her diaper, swim across the pool with water wings and jump with gusto.

She knows that to start any activity or to “go” you have to say, “1, 2, 3 GO!” first, or “Ready, Set, Go!”. She knows the difference between what a prop plane and a helicopter sounds like. After driving by a huge crane at a construction site all last week and asking, “what’s that?”, she pointed to it yesterday and said, “Look, Mommy–a crane!”.

And this month I’ve been upgraded from Mama to Mommy (except in times of crisis). Now I am greeted with, “Hi Mommy, what’s up?”

And when she asks that, I think to myself, “I’m the mom to the best girl in the whole wide world, that’s what’s up!”

Happy Birthday, my sweet, beautiful girl. Happy SECOND Birthday.

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  1. It’s just unreal. And how can she be old enough to have cute hairdos and clips and ponies??????

    She’s is SUper Wonder Girl!!!!

    I am willing myself NOT to mail her present, because I want to be sure we get to see this larger than life 2 year old IN PERSON soon!!!!!

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