A Good Week!

I woke up this morning, ready to post, because it’s been a great week weight-loss wise!! I lost 2.5 this week, to bring me back down to 173.5, which is 6.5 lbs overall!

My new summer shorts fit much better already, and I’m feeling more motivated. This week, I’ve been keeping two things in mind:

#1: Over the weekend, I was mentioning to my mom how much fruit MAM was eating, and how I was a little concerned about all that sugar. She replied, “yes, but that’s natural sugar.Our bodies were made to process that kind of sugar.” Hmm. Good point, mom. So I’ve actually been eating more “whole” type foods, and not so much “refined”.

#2: Last week’s featured loser, Robin, made a point that is sticking with me–something to the effect of, “Now I try to see how little I can eat and feel full.” So last night, as I served myself some pasta, I fixed my plate with that mentality. “I bet this one portion will fill me up.” Guess what–it did!!

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  1. THe biggest difference in the way I ate prebaby and post-baby – portion size.

    I ate like a man before- probably 3 times what I actually needed.

    Now that I don’t have time to leisurely enjoy my meal in front of the TV, ,or even sitting down at a table concentrating solely on eating my food, I find I each WAAAAAAAY less. Seems hardly enough to keep my alive, so I figure I’m proably eating normal portion sizes for the first time…..

    I too worry a little about the amount of fruit A eats compared to veggies, but he eats little processed stuff, so I know that’s better for him. i need to get more into the “raw” mindset. It is AMAZING how changing one’s diet can improve one’s health. (Especially when it comes to cancer prevention/cancer fighting). that ought to be motvation enough for me, but I find 30 some years of bad habits are pretty hard to break!!!

    Baby Steps……

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