And it’s only Wednesday

Holy cow. What a week, MAM-wise.

Currently, I’m at home instead of at work because of the puking. The poor things started to get sick at bedtime last night, and proceeded to be sick about 5 times between 10pm and 4am. She took some pedialyte type fluid at 4 am and it has stayed down, and she’s sound asleep, so we are on our way out of that. Ugh.

This week we’ve also been exploring the possibility of allergies for MAM. Monday we did sensitivity testing–4 sets of 8 little tines pricked into her arms to see what sort of substances may be causing her sinus misery. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t awful (of course, I wasn’t the one being stuck). Guess what we learned?

We have to get rid of the cat. (Ha! We have one betta fish. That’s it)

Other things that literally popped up on her arm were some weeds and some fungal things.

Soooo….yesterday we had to get blood drawn for the RAST testing–so her blood can be tested for food allergies, more weeds, more molds, etc. She was in such a great mood when I picked her up from Rainbow that I hated to do it, but we need to get to the bottom of this before the fall allergy season starts up again. So I told her we were going to “the Lab”. So she was happily making up a little song about “the Lab, Lab, Lab” right up til we had to go into the room where she would get poked. The techs were great though–I held her in my lap, one tech had her arm and the other drew five vials of blood. And she recovered quickly, and loved the little sticker they gave her (it was one where she could put on the clothes–like a paper doll, but sticky), and she was cool by the time we got to the car.

But damn. What a week!

2 Replies to “And it’s only Wednesday”

  1. Oh poor Baby! I remember my mother having to go and get pricks all over her back it was Yucky looking!
    I hope all turns out and she does great!

  2. Oh my word! This is what I get for disappearing from Blog World for too many days! Poor M! I hope she’s feeling much better now. Ugh. That poor child has had more sickness than any one kid deserves! I’m praying the allergy tests work…..

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