Digital Memory Books

I just made my first memory book on and I’m soo flipping excited!

Mine’s pretty basic, but I figured it was a lot more than I’d do if I was to get prints printed individually and do it the “old fashioned” way. My current problem right now is that I never have more than 30 minutes at a time to do any sort of photo projects, and well, by the time I drag out the supplies and get set up, my time is up! So I am loving that it’s all here with Betsy, and that she’s ready whenever I’m ready. And then I just hit “order book” and the book will be made and sent to my house! I’m also thinking I can hand right more captions, and maybe even glue in some odds and ends like brochures and stuff.

Has anyone ever made and ordered one from Snapfish or any other sites?? Are there ways to jazz them up????

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  1. My friend’s husband gave her a really nice one for MOther’s Day. He used his Mac, but I don’t know which program….

    I was thinking of making one for everyone for C’mas this year, just trying to decide where to do it. I haven’t checked yours out yet (but got the email!).

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