The scale is NOT cooperating!

So this is the last GAIN I hope to be posting during the May Day challenge for quite some time. Turns out, two cookouts, a birthday party and two family dinners at mom’s house the week after vacation does nothing to help detox from vacation.

So I’m up another 1.5 lbs, back up to 176.5, reducing my total weight loss to 4.5 lbs.

My declaration yesterday is helping me feel OK about this–I know I’m getting back on track. And our calendar is clear of social events for the next 10 days or so, so I know I’ll be able to drop what’s recently piled back on.

What’s crazy, is that if I hadn’t joined this weight loss challenge, I wouldn’t be owning a scale or weighing myself regularly. And I would have gained at least the 4 lbs that I have these past few weeks, if not more. But I would have been clueless, and this weight would be staying with me for much longer than I will currently let it.

I will report a loss next week, you can count on it!

5 Replies to “The scale is NOT cooperating!”

  1. Your attitude is great about the whole weight loss thing. Just keep on keeping on! You are so right – if you hadn’t been watching you would probably have gained so much more and you have saved yourself more to lose!

  2. Great attitude, Michelle! And it is hard coming back from vaca right into cookout season!

    Looking forward to seeing your loss next week!

  3. You have a great attitude! I refused to post my gain this week, LOL… I’m hoping I’ll have a loss to post next week, too. Good luck!

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