Nothing says I LOVE YOU like….

a new LAPTOP for your sixth anniversary (one week early). I am posting tonight on my new best friend, whom I shall call Betsy, I think.

Over the weekend BgK asked if I would like a laptop for our anniversary, and I said yes! yes! yes! and practically jumped out of my seatbelt (we were in the car). I didn’t give it another thought.

Today he came home with a box–and in the box was my beautiful Betsy. Now I can blog downstairs while M plays or watches a movie, I can sit on the couch and blog, I can blog in the bathroom if I darn well please (I don’t really think I’ll be moved to do so, and if I ever did, I probably wouldn’t tell you that’s where I posted an entry).

Ain’t love grand???

3 Replies to “Nothing says I LOVE YOU like….”

  1. blog away, blogging fool! (She says as she reclines in her bed, typing away on her wireless laptop, kindly provided by work, but unable to be IT policed to death on her wireless network).

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. WOW!! I love that! Welcome to the family, Betsy!

    (did you know mine is named Julia? I think they’ll be friends.)

  3. I am not ashamed to say that I have sent the occasional email from the bathroom. It’s quiet and there aren’t any distractions. And the recipient is none the wiser 😉

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