Declaring my Independence

I, Michelle, being of reasonably sound mind and moderately healthy body, do hereby declare my independence from feeling obligated to eat. Just because I can walk into the kitchen and eat the food there, doesn’t mean I need to do that. Just because someone offers me food doesn’t mean I have to eat it.

I am declaring this to set a better example for my daughter, who is a currently a long-legged, lean toddler machine. I know obesity runs in her birth family. I don’t want her to hit the wall I did in high school when “sports for fun” is replaced with “if you’re not good, you don’t play” (and therefore, don’t exercise). I don’t want her to have to shop for plus-sized clothing.

So starting today, I will rededicate myself to eating only when I’m hungry (not bored, stressed, happy or mad), and eating the things that make my body feel good and function well.

I will rededicate myself to walking for fitness, doing the exercises that continue to help heal my back and continue to whittle away at TV time.

I will start living my BEST LIFE–after all, this is the only one I’ve got.

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4 Replies to “Declaring my Independence”

  1. I guess you don’t want me to bring home the pizza from a vendor lunch? It is Chicago style and reaallll goooood!

  2. Here’s to you!

    We all raise our glasses of hydrating, sweetner-free, pure and healthy WATER! With a twist of lemon, lime and orange, just to indulge our wild sides! It’s what I call my summer concoction.

    Water can be boring, but I can put a slice of each of those 3 citrus friends in a large bottle of water and sip on it all day long…

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