They learn what they live…..

Bank teller (BT)at the drive thru window: Good afternooon, may I help you?
Me: I need to make a deposit
BT: Here’s the tube, go ahead and send it back when you’re ready
MAM: Cow-pee!!
Me: What, honey?
MAM (pointing to the tube): Cow-pee!! Ba ba! Drink!
Me: Coffee??
MAM (distressed that I put the tube back into the suction thingy):Cow-pee! Ba Ba!
Me: You want a drink?
MAM: Ya. Cow-pee!!!!

And then it occurs to me–generally, when we go to a drive-up window, there is Starbucks involved. What two year old wouldn’t mistake the bank tube for a cold, refreshing Frappe on a 90 degree day??

Oh the power of suggestion. Our next stop, friends, was for cow-pee. Iced for me, a milk box for her.

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  1. Oh man. That is priceless! I’m planning on stopping for cow-pee myself tomorrow morning….

    Atta girl, Monkey!

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