MAM’s BDAY ’07

Take a moment and scroll to the bottom of this page….note MAM’s ticker. The little fairy girl is practically holding the #2 in her precious little hands. As of yesterday, MAM turned 23 months old. HOW, I ask you, did that happen??

Convientently, while we were on vacation, assorted notifications came in the mail alerting me to MAM’s impending birthday. It’s a good thing too, or I would have likely forgotten (not). It was nice to have it all at once though–I probably would have pitched each individual mailing had they come on seperate days, but since I got a big pile Monday night, they actually held my interest.

So this morning I locked myself in my room and planned MAM’s 2nd birthday party. I ordered a party pack, made evites and paper invitations for the dinosaurs we’re inviting. I planned out the cake, and have started tossing around a menu.
(Her party is 2 weeks before her actual birthday because I’ll be working like a mad dog the weekend of her birthday getting things ready for school to start–her birthday is August 3rd and we’re slated to move into our new school house on August 1st. That’s too close to comfort for me.)

I digress. Probably, you really just want to know what the theme is, right?? What adorable theme will be used to celebrate the adorable girl’s 2nd birthday. Have I mentioned that it’s her SECOND birthday???

So to celebrate, we’re throwing a Ducky Luau for our famly and friends in a few weeks!! All the kid-friendly fun of a ducky party, all the grown-up fun of a luau….could there be a better match?? I think the cake will be a duck pond with the lei-wearing rubber ducks that I ordered. Add to that some grilling out, a fruity cocktail and a wading pool, and MAM will be turning TWO in style!

2 Replies to “MAM’s BDAY ’07”

  1. TOOOO fun! Yes, the luau part is great. Ducks are cute, too. My sis talked the girls into having a Hawaiian Girl (luau) party for their bday next weekend because they couldn’t stop arguing over princesses and ponies. I’ll save any leftover leis for you!

  2. Oh, and TWO? WHO?? Not these two!!! I cannot BELIEVE how fast these years are flying by. It is SO sad… I’m already certain I’m going to cry like a baby at his high school graduation and am worrying what kind of teenager he’s going to be. PRAY not the snotty kind….

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