More props to the Baby E

About six weeks ago, the Babe had her first haircut and it was very traumatic for all involved.

Today it was time to do it again, so I took her to Cookie Cutters, and I have to say, it was worth the extra $ to have a tear-free experience.

Her joy started when we walked in and there was a giant dinosaur slide in the reception area. This, coupled with a kid-sized bathroom, would have been enough to make her day. After a short wait, it was M’s turn to pick a Moo-Vie, which of course, had to be nothing else but a Baby E DVD.

As if that wasn’t enough on the bliss-scale, she got to pick a “car” seat to ride in while her hair was being cut. She picked a police car, complete with steering wheel.

Miss Tabitha, our stylist, being the pro that she is, started the Moo-Vie and didn’t attempt the cape until M was in the Baby E standard trance. Then she combed her hair with a fine tooth comb. The woman combed M’s hair more in those three minutes than I have combed all week (not for lack of trying). She then commenced to spraying, and ultimately clipping M’s hair, all without protest (or even acknowledgement). When she was done, she remained seated to drive a little more, then was happy to get out of the car with the promise of a BALLOON. Damn, those girls are good.

So seriously, Cookie Cutters, unti today, ranked right up there with Chuck E Cheese type places that I would normally try to avoid at all costs. Over-stimulating, over-merchandized chaotic places that really don’t do anything for children but teach them to consume more. Like the shopping carts with video screens, is it really necessary to watch TVwhile you get your hair cut??

After today, I am firmly in the pro-Cookie Cutters camp, if there is such a thing. At some point in the future, when she’s too big to sit in the “car” seat or something, I’ll start taking her with me to go see my stylist and we’ll lunch or something to encourage good behavior if necessary. Til then, it’s Cookie Cutters and Baby E all the way!!

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  1. INteresting. First of all, I didn’t realize she’d gotten her hair cut! (Maybe I need to get back into the habit of checking the pictures as often as I used to).

    Glad to hear the report. We’d talked about going down there to something like that. May do it next time…… I’d wondered if they’d really work, those places.

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