The days go by slowly, but the years fly by…..

Today I was talking to my mom and when I mentioned going back to school (for elementary Montessori training) I told her my choices were starting in the summer of 2008 or the summer of 2010. Sh did a little math, and said, “So that’d be the summer when M turns five.” And I thought, “OMG!! That can’t be. That’s just around the corner. I don’t want her ever to be five! I want her to drink sippy cups and take naps and call me ‘Mama’!”

About twenty minutes later there was a particularly gross diaper change. I changed her, was wiping my hand with a wipe when I looked at my ring finger and said, ” Honey, why don’t you go play–Mama has to go clean her wedding rings–there’s poop on them!!”

I’m not ready for her to be 5. But BM’s in the potty would be nice. ACK!

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