Happily Maintaining!

It was with great relief this morning to see that the scale hadn’t increased from last week. Over the weekend I had a weird weight gain (seriously, how does one gain 3 lbs over night??) and then have been watching the scale inch back down since Saturday morning. Very, very odd. I’m blaming it on hormones.

Anyway, it was a good week over all–I didn’t feel deprived, I felt in control and I attended a swank wedding brunch with the best cheesecake I have ever tasted. It was so rich that *I* was content with 1/3 of a piece.

While I was getting my hair done last week, I read interesting article that talked about how excess calories can start to be stored as fat as soon as 4 hours after eating it!!! Can you believe it?? That once your glycogen store is topped off (what’s used for quick energy), anything excess is stored as fat. Eat an extra 500 calories every day for a week and that’s a pound!! That’s why I knew I hadn’t gained 3lbs from Friday morning to Saturday morning –10,500 extra calories in less than 24hours?? No way.

So now we are onto to week6. 6 weeks down, 6 1/2 lb gone. I’m happy with that!!

6 Replies to “Happily Maintaining!”

  1. You are doing so great! Your 5 lb. button looks so good on your blog too!
    Thanks for the inspiration at my site. I’m doing good. I’m writing my points down, already had 1 water today and am anticipating a walk this evening. So far – so good!
    Thanks for checking in!

  2. You are doing a great job! My weight fluctuates throughout the day so I try not to worry too much about a couple of pounds here and there.

    I skimmed down and read your post about how you weigh “a FULL FIFTY TWO and ONE HALF pounds less than I did on June 5, 1995.” That is awesome! I probably weigh that much more now than I did back then!… actually, I take that back. I was 5 months along with my last baby on June 5, 1995 but I still weighed less then than I do now. *gah!* But hey, I’m working on it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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