Another Pound Bites the Dust

Things are moving along nicely in the waistband/scale department here a casa de Kahuna. I felt like this was a fairly “normal week”–I planned some, winged it some, and tried to counter balance bad choices with good choices.

I even drank a bit this weekend–the warm summer wind seemed to be whispering the words “vodka tonic” in my ear, and I succumbed. I bought diet tonic water (yes, they make such a thing) and enjoyed (several) 2pt Vodka Tonics. Mmmmm……SUMMER.

So I account this week’s success to either one or two (or maybe both things):

1) my morning smoothies made with plain yogurt that contains 3g of fiber per cup. Seriously, maybe those dairy ads that claim you lose more weight with dairy are right. Maybe it’s the berries, I don’t know, but I love them.

2) I’ve laid off the sauce. No, not the vodka sauce, the sauce that’s more near and dear to my heart…..(are you sitting down?)….CAFFEINE. I’ve been sleeping like crap lately, and was very close to calling the doc for some drugs, when I realized he wouldn’t give me drugs if I admitted my caffeine habit to him. So I quit. And you know what? It’s not so bad. I’ve been enjoying iced mochas (there’s that dairy again) ever since. And what’s nice is that now that it’s all decaf, I can drink them any time of the day or night.

I really have no idea if my cutting out caffeine has really helped me weight-wise, but I’m sleeping better (which may also help).

My question for the jury today is this–what time of day do you weigh yourself?? I, of course, like my first-thing-in-the-am after I pee weight the best, but is it really my accurate weight? I like my right-after-dinner weight the least, of course. I’ve been going with my few-hours-after-lunch with clothes on weight, figuring that if I go to the doc’s, it sure as heck won’t be in my PJ’s at 6am. When do you weigh yourself and “count it”??? If you go to WW, what time is your meeting? I used to go in the evenings, but never ate anything after lunch on those days. I know it’s all a sick game, but I’m just curious!!

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  1. I follow weight watchers online, so I can weigh whenever I want, so I weigh every saturday morning, after I see and I’m nekkid. I know it’s the lowest weight of the day, but I figure its my true weight, I’m on empty and full rested ready for another day.

  2. I weigh myself Tuesday mornings. I figure if it’s at the same time/day it’s at least consistent.

    Thanks for posting about the diet tonic. In the summer I love raspberry vodka and Sprite. I’ll have to try it with the tonic.

  3. I do a post-potty weigh in first thing in the morning. My WW meeting is Saturday morning at 9:00, so I go do that before I eat in the morning. And I always wear the same thing when I weigh so that I know it’s me and not the clothes that weigh different!

  4. I think weighing yourself at the same time is what is most important. I do it first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom. I wouldn’t worry about what the doctor’s scale says.

  5. Great job! Your almost halfway there – now that is exciting! : )

    I weigh first thing in the morning.

  6. So the first thing in the morning post-pee weigh-in counts??? I think there’s a 5lb button in my immediate future then, for sure!!

  7. Hey there. Thanks for all the nice supportive comments you’ve left on my blog ;o) I appreciate you stopping by.

    I like your giving up caffeine! WOW! That’s a big one. I gave up caffeine about 10 year ago and I feel it’s really made a difference. I sleep better and my stomache feels better.

    Good for you!

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