Our Newest Wheeled Vehicle

Today while flipping through the Target ad, we came across a bike trailer sale. We’d be talking about getting one, and the sales flyer spoke to us.

So while the 500 Mile Race was on delay, we went out in the rain and found this nifty fella. He converts into a stroller, seats up to two 50lb kiddos and rides very smoothly.

We outfitted M with a helmet, inflated the flat tires on our own bikes and were off–we biked to the park, around a trail, to the firehouse, through the neighboring subdivision and back home again.

All we need now is one more little attachment thingy so that she can ride behind me or BgK, and it wil be a biking summer for sure!

One Reply to “Our Newest Wheeled Vehicle”

  1. Cool cool cool! I’m supposed to get a hand-me-down one from my sister. I hope it’s easy to use.

    Two 50 pound kids?? Ummmm. I guess I’ll just bring AP over so you or L can pull him in your cart…. I can’t imagine 100+ pounds on the back there…..

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