It’s done for 9 weeks or so. The children attending that is. There’s still 2 days worth of packing, and well, 20 more children to recruit and enroll, and a facility to relocate.

We all survived the picnic in the hot noon sun. There were more antics by disgruntled employees, but I ignored them and just enjoyed the really nice lunch they demanded (and then boycotted).

There were lots of hugs and thank yous from parents and children. Then I loaded up M and my friend’s daughter and we came home for quiet time. I like quiet time.

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  1. Relocating? I must’ve missed something! I hope it’s still nice and close to you!

    It’s such a shame when the grown-ups ruin things! Too bad they couldn’t have enjoyed the nice change of an outdoor picnic and the kids having a great time…

    Reminds me of 4H. WE’ve had a nice break from it for the past few years, and while I’ll be excited once A’s old enough to be in it, I already dread the other parents – the ones who can’t set a good example of teamwork, or fairness or good sportsmanship……..

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