My good friend Stork just tagged me for a meme…an “I AM” meme. So here we go:

I am currently blogging, while the Babe contently plays with her toys. I live for moments like this.

I am the proud mama of one.

I am currently content with that number.

I am constantly amazed by the Babe, in all that she is, all that she is to me and all that she will be.

I am constantly talking about said Babe, to anyone who will listen. And even to those who may have stopped listening.

I am 5’10” tall!

I am closer to 34 than to 33 these days.

I am working on losing more 6 lbs.

I am currently weighing less than I did when I graduated high school or college!

I am looking forward to a 3-day work week this summer.

I am not tagging anyone in particular……leave a comment if you are going to do this meme!

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