I think I shall call him McStupid

I just finished watching the Grey’s Anatomy finale (thanks abc.com) and I just have to say McDreamy is soooo McStupid. I mean, seriously, has there ever been a more self-centered, cocky, arrogant, demanding, self-involved idiot?!?! His girlfriend is finally functional and he’s pissed she’s too self-sufficient. He gets the job offer of his dreams and he gives it back, giving advice to his superior? Please.

I almost glad the show’s on hiatus for a few months because I don’t think I can stand to listen to him anymore. Don’t even get me started on Burke. Or Alex. Or George.

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  1. Amen.

    Disappointing finale. Why do they have to be so on again – off again? There are surely other ways to keep viewers hooked with other types of conflict. Just keep them a couple, dang it.

    I think she made a mistake when she chose McDreamy over the vet…..

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