Birthday treats and burritos oh my!

To add to my list of eating challenges this week: two in-class birthday celebrations were this week (yesterday and today) and two are next week. Since we are all about child-invovlement in Montessoriland, we have the kids pick a special something and they bake it with my lovely teaching assistant. WHO ROCKS THE KITCHEN LIKE NOBODYS BUSINESS.

So yesterday we had strawberry and creamcheese muffins sprinkled with sugar, and today we had brownies with melted chocolate chips (in mini muffin cups, so that was better). How do you not eat when a four year old offers you a treat they’ve baked themselves??? (And I’ve smelled baking all morning long!!!)

Tonight we ended up not going to the graduation party and went to Qdoba instead. While in line, I made a very hard decision—the decision to forego the burrrito. What else is there at Qdoba? Funny you should ask–they actually have a lovely tortilla soup and a variety of small soft tacos. And it was good.

In other news, the Babe has become obsessed with naming everyone. It’s like she just figured out that every person has a specific name, so now it’s her task to point and name everyone she knows (repeatedly). She can name the 8 or so children she sees on a daily basis, her teachers, several of her 10 cousins, her grandparents (Gram is Ama, Gramps is Baca)–competely amazing!

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  1. I LOVE the naming stage! When my oldest niece first came home from Africa, as she was learning ENglish (and going through a much younger social and emotional developmental stage) we had a long period of going through pictures and the “name game” at every family function. It was GREAT.

    She LOVED it. She’s a niece on my hubby’s side of the family, but her snappy mind even started remembering EVERYONE on my side, after meeting them only once. And then came the birthdays. She knows EVERYONE’S birthdays.

    I can’t wait to hear how she calls A, when we see her next!

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