Second week’s menu and more

Since it worked so well to blog my menu last week, I’m doing the same this week. Planning ahead is key, even when things get hectic.

This week’s breakfast of choice: Eggo’s Nutrigrain Waffles and 1 tbsp. all-fruit spread

Lunches this week are mainly “day after” left overs from the dinners listed below:

Tuesday: grilled chicken drumsticks, baked potatoes, steamed veggies

Wednesday: super-veggie and ground turkey marinara and pasta

Thursday: turkey enchilada casserole (this is a repeat from last week–I made 2 and froze one–we’ll see if it thaws OK)

Friday: graduation party

Saturday: church festival

Sunday: birthday open house

Monday: veggie alfredo sauce and pasta

My super-social weekend leads me to my next meandering….SOCIAL EATING. Yikes, stripes. Nearly every Tales blog that I read mentioned challenges over Mother’s Day weekend. The month of May is a lot like December but no one notices because it’s outside–between Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, first communions, graduations and other social functions, it’s a little nuts. Planning a menu at home is hard enough–planning how to eat at a function is harder.

What I have found is that if nothing special’s going on, I can’t eat like something special is going on. This way, when situations arise, I can indulge a little without feeling guilty. If I see my week laid out before me like it is above, I know I have to stick to my guns as much as possible on “normal” days. And even on days like tomorrow, when we are doing our monthly “staff birthday” at work. There’s no need to indulge, I don’t really even care for most of my coworkers. (which is another story all together that I’ll get into once a few more things fall into place)

So…….for social situations I :

a) always bring something I know is “safe” for me to eat–fruit salad, veggie tray, low-cal dip and baked chips, stuff like that

b) eat a little of what interests me, but try not to over do it

c) eat well leading up to the event–low cal breakfast, getting all my water in, low cal lunch.

Some people say to eat before you go (think Scarlett in the Gone with the Wind)—that doesn’t work for me, because when I see a food table, I MUST GRAZE. But if it’s a breakfast or lunch occassion, I won’t eat much the rest of the day.

We’ll see how that goes for me, now won’t we??

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  1. Yes, I have NOOOO willpower myself. The monthly work bday pitch-ins are NOT my healthy eating days!

    The good thing about open houses is that most serve fruit and veggie trays. Graze away!

    I haven’t been a lover of those Nutrigrain waffles, but the babe and I have found several types of Vann’s brand (I think both organic and regular) whole grains that are YUMMMMMMY! He likes to dip his in apple- or pearsauce.

    You are doing a great job with this – The whole meal planning thing is key – not only to your endeavor, but I think it makes it MUCH nicer and less stressful just doing the weekly dinner planning for everyone. I need to become more diligent and determined to do this.

    I tried a new recipe called Sloppy Toms that we all liked this week – basically, spicy sloppy joes w/ ground turkey. If you want the recipe, you can check the ingredients out. It’s probaby fairly healthy – I don’t know how the chili sauce and a tiny bit of tomato paste would fit into it as far as counting points.

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