That’s what I scored on my annual review today. You know, because it looks bad to have 100%, because then obviously, you’re playing favorites or something. But now I have a lovely, glowing review in my file to read on really low days, and a glowing review to justify my very nice salary offer for next school year.

And my unpleasant coworkers??? Two are leaving. Which will make life SOO much better. Seriously, who’s happy to hear that 50% of the teaching staff is quitting? I AM. I’ve haven’t felt this good about work in a long time. And what’s funny is that now that it’s out in the open, they are happier people too. And maybe we’ll hire a teacher I’d be comfortable with my kid having for a teacher. That’d be a good thing too.

Another reason for my joy is probably that I ended up eating cheesecake for lunch. I remembered my fruit salad for today’s celebration….but forgot my entree. And since only my assistant (whom I LOVE) and myself brought anything to eat for today’s pitch-in, I had cheesecake and fruit salad for lunch. (the boss brought flowers and balloons, someone else made really good coffee…the other five people just ignored the posting). Based on my previous post, I shall be eating nothing but lettuce from now until the weekend. (NOT)

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  1. congrats on the new positive outlook for the next school year! and your 3 pounds! and your cheesecake lunch (I’m jealous!)

  2. Love it love it love it. The cheesecake part!

    But the review and salary parts – very close seconds!

    I think you are SO good for always hanging in there at work. It seems whenever things get a little un-fun, then go to worse, you hang in, and they always come out for the better, and usually better-than-expected.

    It’s nice to be validated and appreciated! Smart move on their part to up the salary to be sure you don’t join the mass exodus……

    Here’s to a GREAT new change at work soon for you!

    PS – Got my own validation today o- they’ve OK’d me to continue my telecommuting 2 days a week for another quarter. YAY!

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