The First Week’s Success!!!

There it is in Technicolor–I’m down 3 pounds this week!!

This week in review….

a) I started to drink water with gusto
b) I signed up for a Pilates class that meets 2x per week
c) I planned my menus
d) I wore a pedometer for a few days–and if I work, I hit 10000 no problem! If it’s the weekend, I averaged less than 5,000. That’s something to improve upon!

I also enjoyed a slice of deep-dish, Chicago style pizza and tried, for the first time, ColdStone Creamery Ice Cream Cake. Both times, I enjoyed every bite, and made other choices to counter balance the fat and calories in both. I didn’t calculate exactly what each contained (knowing, IMO, would take out some of the pleasure), but I can honestly say that those were my two treats for the week.

So in this coming week, I will

a) post another menu outline
b) work on increasing my weekend steps
c) come up with a fun, cheap reward for myself!!! (ideas welcome)

8 Replies to “The First Week’s Success!!!”

  1. Great job Michelle,…I can not find my name on the blogroll.Could you check for me.Come visit my blog.

  2. Now that’s the way to do it, eat Chitown pizza and ice cream and make it fit into the food allowance!

  3. I have a cheap reward… I eat this everyday.Sugar free pudding with lite or sugar free cool whip.It has helped me feel rewarded….. Baba

  4. Way to go Michelle! That is one great week you had. And you still got to enjoy a few treats, that’s what I call success! 🙂

    Have a great week,

  5. You should buy yourself some podcasts or songs or something to go with your new MP3 player. I know that would totally motivate me 🙂

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