Peace, Love and Shopping

I had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend, complete with outlet mall shopping. We went north (as is our custom) for the weekend and the Babe and I hung out with my family while BgK went further north to photograph a wedding.

Saturday morning, Mom, the Babe and I hit the local outlet mall. I needed jeans, and was hoping to score a pair of white leggings for the Babe. What happened was possibly the BEST shopping trip of my life.

The first store we entered was the Vanity Fair outlet, which carries Healthex, Lee. Wrangler, Vanity Fair and a few other brands. Their stuff is always 1/2 off the lowest price, or about as cheap as they can give it away. Saturday was no exception. The first pair of jeans I grabbed not only FIT, but were a whopping $8. The second pair (capris)? $14. And what was nice is that they were both size 14, but that they fit in a loose sort of way. Not the I’m-squeezing-into-a-14-because-I-refuse-to-buy-a-16 which I’ve been known to do. $22 for two pairs of pants I’m planning on wearing for a few weeks (a month or two at the most, I hope)–not a bad deal. While I was shopping, Mom was strolling around with the Babe….and she fell asleep!!! Which made our shopping that much more the leisurely.

We wandered into Hanna Andersson–ahhhh my dream store. Sitting on the table there, as we entered the little girls section–white capri leggings. It was destiny. Also on the clearance rack? Black biker shorts (for the babe, not me!)

My last retail stop (lest I break the proverbial bank) was the Clarks outlet. Black clogs with a patent leather flower for $19.99. No, not $119.99. $19.99. For both shoes, total. After shopping, it was nap time for the Babe and myself, then out to a yummy dinner.

Sunday my Dad made us breakfast, BgK and the Babe surprised me with beautiful earrings and a new MP3 player, the Babe was an angel during Mass and then we had a fun family cookout til it was time to drive home.

Pretty much, the perfect weekend.

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  1. I think the patron saints of mothers and children put in some overtime for MOther’s Day! AP was PERFECT during 8 am Mass, as were most of the kids around us! I think God really wanted us all to get to enjoy that time with our kids, and even get a little something out of the service!

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

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