The Sickness

We haven’t gotten the results of the throat culture yet, but whatever this SICKNESS is, it’s for the birds. The Babe is still very pathetic, with occasional bouts of vomit. I think she’s eaten 10 goldfish crackers in the past 4 days–it’s just not right. Thankfully, she’s still drinking and sleeping like a champ. And while our five Baby E DVD’s are in heavy rotation, it’s really not all that bad from my point of view. Of course, I don’t have a bacteria farm at the back of my throat, and haven’t felt compelled to sleep 19 hours a day.

This week BgK and I have taken turns staying home, and it’s worked out quite well. I’m on tomorrow, and I think we’ll flip a coin for Friday. I’m not sure if I want heads or tails. Actually, since Grey’s Anatomy is a 2hour special, and it will be on until 11pm, I think I want to stay home Friday. I’m banking that one of us will be.

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  1. I am sad and pathetic. I read your entire post, feeling very for the little one and her parents. I was even starting to feel guilty for complaining about my rough week because at least my kids are healthy, even if they are fighting nonstop. Then I got to the end and the only thought left in my brain was “I better check the DVR to make sure it will record both hours of Grey’s!”

  2. Oooh Poor sweet babe! I am so sorry!

    Sounds like she’ll be losing the weight this week – as if the toddlers can spare it! Bless her little pea-pickin’ heart!!!

    Hugs, kisses and HUGE get well wishes from Baby A……..

  3. So, what did you think about Grey’s? I thought it was pretty good. The spin off looks like it has potential.

    How is M? I hope she is getting better. Cameron is developing a cold now…

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