Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah

For starters, thank you for the Babe’s get well wishes. We’re home again today. The fever seems to be holding off, but she still hasn’t eaten anything, and prefers to be cuddled up with Blanket and Pillow in front of the TV for hours on end……JUST NOT RIGHT.


I remember, very clearly, becoming obsessed with music in junior high. I think getting my own pink radio/tape player is what sealed the deal, along with a GE personal cassette player (ala the Walkman). That pink radio spent the next 6 years next to my bed, on the floor, tuned into mostly Z95 and then later, when I became slightly cooler, 93WXRT. It was on the floor so I could reach it while doing homework or reading or talking on the phone, at a moment’s notice. Because always, in said radio was a blank tape.

A blank what? A blank tape. You know, a memorex or sony cassette. I taped all my favorite songs off the radio for future listening. Because the quality was so clear. Not. Because it was so FREE. Later, once my brother got a dual cassette deck, we started dubbing our friends’ cassettes and keeping copies for ourselves. We started making “mix tapes”. Those were the days.

Awhile ago, I posted about my discovery of YouTube, and today I discovered another purpose. Basically, it’s a databank for everyone in the world who has an affection for taping things off the radio (or at a concert).

Since the death of tape, I haven’t been as “into” music. Sure I have CD’s. BgK has converted most of our stuff on to MP3, though I don’t know much about that format. I haven’t taped a song off the radio in forever.

But I still, every now and then find I song that I really like to listen to, and will turn on the radio in hopes of hearing it. When I do, part of me still wished to press the green record button and the peach play button at the same time and save to memorex forever. You know, in case I want to hear it again and it’s not on the radio.

That’s where YouTube comes in. I can just log on there, do a search and listen away to my heart’s content. No buying the CD or learning about MP3’s for me……this is music on demand with pictures!

So if you haven’t yet….hit play already. My guess is you’ll be going to YouTube and checking these guys out too.

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