May Day part 2

Ok, where was I? Oh yes….preparing to find myself minus a few pounds. (Does about 15 count as a few?)

Since my last post this morning, we’ve discovered that the Babe may have the Strep. Ack. The rapid strep test came back negative, but we were sent for a culture since, apparently, her tonsils are covered in puss. (I’m taking the PA’s word for it–not looking myself) She’s still feverish, and currently she’s sleeping off the torture that was the doc’s office.

The bonus? We got one of the antibiotics on Meijer’s “free” list. And guess what? They are really free, AND they gave us a dosing syringe too! To celebrate, I thought I’d go to McD’s and get the Babe a milkshake (for her throat, you know) and maybe some lunch for myself while waiting for the Rx. While driving to the drive thru, I realized, “Wait! I just blogged about becoming a skinny girl!! I can’t eat McD’s!” But I did–a southwest salad and 3/4 of a small milkshake (the Babe was asleep by this time and couldn’t part take of her share–it’s in the freezer for her). You know what? The Southwest salad is really good!! As far as I can tell, besides the tortilla strips and maybe the marinade for the grilled chicken, I don’t think it was too bad for me either. And I’m full, so I won’t be snacking anytime in the near future.

So back to May Day.

I went on my first diet in the 6th grade. I counted calories with a little book that listed foods and their calories, since most foods weren’t labeled as such. I lost 6lbs and grew THREE INCHES that year, and didn’t really have any weight issues until about the 10th grade. The 10th grade, you ask?? Yes, the 10th grade. I played sports in junior high (not well, but even the bench warmers had to practice) and I had PE everyday in 9th grade…but once 10th grade hit, well, I stopped most forms of physical exercise. Add that to the new found freedom of friends who could drive, and suddenly I was eating out and leading a very sedentary lifestyle.

I was a size 18 when I graduated high school, and a 20 (soemtimes 22) when I graduated college. Upon graduation, I moved in with a girlfriend and we joined Weight Watchers and had a fabulous summer–one I like to call “the summer of the Jell-o”. This was before WW had the points system, and you were supposed to eat a certain number of servings of each food group, and then there were “free” foods–Jell-o was a free food. Add that to the fact that the summer of 1995 was one of the hottest ones on record and I lived in an unairconditioned apt, and well, the weight literally “melted” off. That fall I was accepted into a Montessori training program, and while I tried to continue WW while in school, I couldn’t get to meetings or meal plan very well. But the weight that I lost stayed off–I was a size 16 (sometimes 14), something I hadn’t seen since my junior year of high school.

Fast forward 7 years, and I join WW again one summer when I realize that my clothes aren’t actually shrinking, my ass is actually growing. I join with a few good friends, and find fantastic success. I was determined and focused and dedicated, and after a few short months, I was a size 12. I don’t really remember being a size 12 ever before…..but I liked it..ALOT. I became a Lifetime Member sometime in 2003, but lost focus (this sort of parallels with wanting to become a mom at about the same time)….and well, haven’t been back since. And nowadays, I’m a size 14 (occassionally a 16, and hey, my Easter skirt was a 12)………but I’d really like to get back to being a solid 12. A confident 12. I’d like to get back to only taking size 12’s into the dressing room. To not trying on clothes the night before to see if they fit or not.

So how am I going to do that?!?! I belong to a gym, but don’t actually go–I haven’t talked about it in awhile, but I’m still going to the chiro, and not really up for “working out” quite yet. I can walk around the block pushing the megastoller a few times without any ill effects. I own an exercise ball that I use for back exercises. I’ve all but stopped cooking, but keep the house stocked on fruit and frozen veggies. I’ve always only drank diet soda. I always go for the non-fat latte. I need to figure out a plan before May 8th.

I also need to buy a scale. Anyone have a good one??

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your weight loss journey. I’ll be writing mine today after I get the kids to school.
    For years I didn’t own a scale, but then I bought one at Sam’s Club. It has a big round face with four colored sliders, so the whole family can keep up with their weight, if they want.
    I once had a talking scale which was a gift from my dad. (Lovely gift, huh?) That was awful; who wants their weight broadcast out loud!

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