May Day! May Day!

Beth has been alluding to something new and fabulous over at her Laundry Room, and I was most excited to see what it was this morning! Are you ready to wear your summer clothes?? Trying on capris and wondering wear your ankles went? Shopping for a cover up instead of a tankini? Welcome to my world.

Anyway, here’s the deal–click on the button to the right to go to the new site,which gives you all the details on how to get healthy this summer!

More on this subject later today….right now we are off to the doc’s–Babe still has the Fever.

One Reply to “May Day! May Day!”

  1. HOORAY! We are going to be two skinny girls in North Carolina. Well, at least maybe two girls not hiding in North Carolina! Just as well! (we are still girls, right?)

    I hope M is feeling better very very soon.

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