Nap time and the lack of depth in my life

When I go to the chiro’s, I have at least one, if not two twenty-thirty minute sessions of laying down in a basically quiet, somewhat dark room to either get nerve therapy or computerized traction. I often close my eyes, space out, pray, make mental lists and listen to my mp3 player. Today I took a 20 minute, deep-sleep power nap. One minute I was laying there, listening to “Boys Don’t Cry”, thinking “oh cool, the next song is ‘Cecelia’ ‘. The next minute I’m listening to “Daughters” by John Mayer. I skipped over FIVE songs on my playlist completely. The receptionist swears she didn’t hear me snoring. On an unrelated note, the chiro now thinks that my right leg is seriously physically shorter than my left (I think. Or its the other way around.) Either way, in the next few weeks if I don’t straighten up, I’m getting a lift for my shoe.

I’ve tried thinking all day of something more interesting to write, but have come up blank. So I’ll shut up now.

3 Replies to “Nap time and the lack of depth in my life”

  1. WOW, a deep power nap without even planning it. HOW DREAMY! I hope you’re feeling much, much better! You would think with a shorter leg you would have a slight limp?? Guess not!

  2. You would think. Apparently, not so much. Although I really can’t stand up straight without favoring one side or the other for very long at all. Who knew. For your kids’ sakes, I hope it’s not really genetic! (the chiro was calling it “a congenital leg defect”. whatever.

  3. I used to visit a physical therapist for problems with my knee, and she would put me in a room with this heating pad surrounding my leg and I’d lay there for 20-30 mins.. I always went to sleep! This was about 5 years ago, before iPods and whatnot, so it was just a plain quiet room.. those were the best naps! Hehe..

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