The only thing better than waking up to a snow day is enjoying snow day #1 and getting a call late in the afternoon that tomorrow will be snow day #2. I know it’s juvenile, but honestly, snow days are still the best in my book. Completely unscheduled free time/day off with pay that doesn’t count against your time off tally. Seriously, can you beat that?

L worked from home today (and honestly, I did a lot of “school work” too), so the three of us had a nice day together. For fun, I dumped a box of alphabet pasta in M’s sled (inside) and threw in some bowls and cups and she had a ball scooping, pouring, and of course, DUMPING. It was a hoot. She also colored, read books, played in the snow for a litttle bit and then had fun just watching Daddy play in the snow. Too funny.

This morning I read my SIL’s post about being crazy-productive due to Oprah’s organizing expert. I was working a draft about that very topic. Here’s most of it:

On Tuesday, Oprah showcased a family with a serious clutter problem. Ever since, I’ve been uber-motivated to get a few things in order myself. Now, granted, my house is NOTHING like the one she featured, but still, we all have room for improvement.

SOO since Tuesday I have: reorganized our bedroom closet and added a step stool to maximize storage, gotten a new file box for our finanaces and organized it, found the bottom of the compter desk and filed everything that was on the desk, wiped/dusted surfaces too numerous to list, and done a ridiculous amount of laundry/put it away where it now belongs. Phew.

I have to say that it’s been a few days now, and things are still in pretty good shape. I’m loving my newly organized closet, and the fact that I now have 2 file boxes–one for $$ matters, the other for other things (daycare newsletters, adoption agency notices, etc).

And these snow days will just give me more time to figure more things out. Or atleast to watch more Oprah.

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