It’s not everyday……

That you get a one hour delay and get sent home early due to weather, learn about carbon monoxide from the local fire department , go for your daughter’s 18th month appointment and take away her punishment stool for misbehavior, but today was *that* day.

The Weather
We’ve gotten about 6 inches of snow since about 10 am this morning, which is enough to send this city into a tailspin. Everyone’s forgotten that we live in the Midwest, that it did, in fact snow this much last year and that the city will effectively shut-down until the snowplows clear the way. Nice. So we were delayed again today due to temperature (lame, IMO) and everyone was sent home by 2:30pm due to snow.

The Emergency Response System
I also learned today what the carbon monoxide detector makers don’t tell you–that you need to have gas appliances, a gas water heater, a gas furnance, operating fireplace or kerosene heater to generate CO in your house (or leave your car running with the garage shut)….otherwise, if your “get to fresh air” button is blinking, probably it’s just the battery on the fritz. NO NEED to call 911, get the big red engine and three fire fighters out to your house in the impending blizzard to trek through your house to tell you that it’s probably just your battery. Nowhere on the package does it mention that. BTW, when you try to “air out” your house of that odorless, tasteless gas you may or may not have in the middle of a snow storm, it takes about 20 minutes from your house to go from 68 degrees to 54 degrees.

The Monkey
M turned 18 months old on Saturday and had her Dr’s appt today. The official stats are: 34 in. tall, 27lbs, 7 oz–putting her squarely at the top of the curve in both categories once again. He agreed to keep her on soymilk until Spring, thinks she’s brilliant and laughed when I told him about the punishment stool and the battle of the wills we are already experiencing.

To illustrate the point, today after getting her FOUR shots (ouch!) and surviving the drive home, during dinner M threw her veggies on the floor. After dinner I expected her to pick them up. She expected not to. I put her in the time out stool. After awhile, she came back over to the kitchen, and she hit me. She got put back onto the stool. She then threw the time out stool. She “lost” the time out stool and had to sit on the floor. She got up to go play. I brought her back to the kitchen and she watched me pick up the veggies. I had to force the napkin into her hand to throw away the trash. We then called a truce and headed up for bath time.


Seriously, I had to take away the time out stool. I guess that’s why people use steps and couches and other things angry toddlers can’t throw. Holy Cow.

I’m going to curl up into a ball now and drink some wine.

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  1. Oh my word. I’m sure this doesn’t help, but I am laughing out loud!!

    First, come on people. U nless you just moved here from the deep south, DON”T be an idiot and drive in snow as if you’ve never attempted it before, JUST because it’s the first major snowfall of the season! Seriously – that 75 car pile up yesterday (that delayed Hub 2 HOURS from coming home at a location near your house!! 2 HOURS!) was probably caused by someone going 55 miles an hour in the then-four-inch-high powder on an interstate.

    Second – HA! She’s 3 inches taller, but I think Monkey and her boyfriend are about the same weight. Love it. Happy 18 month!!! AAAGGGGHhh! She’s too big!

    And the time out stool – HHHHHHHAAAAA! Yes, we’ve used a time out pack and play a few times, but have our naughty step (fashioned after Nanny 911!) already located and designated. Dare him to try to pick it up to throw! So, is this what they mean when they talk about terrible twos? And at one time, we were so excited for our child to yearn for independence?

    Finally, THANK YOU for sharing about the CO – good info to know, and yet another laugh rippled through my body when I read that portion of the day’s blog……

    Life, in the Toddler Household! It would make the best comedic movie!

  2. I haven’t checked in with you for awhile, Mich, but sounds like things are rolling along fun as ever–I often wonder when we will stop thinking EVERYTHING Reid does is cute…apparently it will be when he starts throwing food and furniture…Hope you’re keeping warm up there!

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