COLTS WIN! (Oprah loses)

In case you’ve been living in a cave, or, by chance, you don’t live along the I-65 corrider in Indiana, there was this game called the SUPERBOWL yesterday and there were 2 teams who showed up–the Bears and the Colts. Really, after half-time, only one team actually played, that team being THE COLTS.

Now if the Colts had ever had a Superbowl bid since they moved to Indy in 1984, or if the Bears had made it to the Superbowl anytime after I had graduated 8th grade, this may not have been the game for those of us along I-65. But since, seriously people, I haven’t cared about a Superbowl since 1986 (call me a fair weather fan, it’s ok), since my husband and I collectively until yesterday owned one piece of team gear (a free hat), well, yesterday was the game.

AND THE COLTS WON!!! And it was soooo much fun!!! M got to wear her little Colt’s cheerleading outfit all day, we went to a party where the TV was bigger than….well, any TV I had ever seen before, at half-time I got the call that we’d be operating on a delay today due to freeze-your-ass-off cold so we could really stay up and enjoy the post game….ah….the sweet feeling of victory.

Here’s the thing though–I wouldn’t have been sad AT ALL had the Bears won. So how did Oprah lose??? Oprah’s usually on at 4 pm here. She got bumped for “Celebration Coverage”–celebration coverage that’s just wrapping up in time for PrimeTime to start at 8pm. There was a parade (in negative digit weather) and a rally in the Dome…and all three networks showed every minute of it all afternoon long.

(really, Montel’s the loser, he’s getting bumped tomorrow at 2pm so that Oprah can be seen!)

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