Nothing like playing tag on a Saturday night…

On MySpace I was tagged earlier tonight (check that blog to see what I disclosed there). Then, I came into the blogosphere and was tagged again by Beth. Whew. I need to get to base.

Ok, so 5 secrets about me….

1. I slept with a teddy bear (most nights) until I was married.

2. On my 21st birthday I’m pretty I ended up mixing almost 21 different kinds of alcohol ($1.50 u-call-its!) at a bar called the Mineshaft. An hour later, I puked very near the shoes of the Denny’s security guard. 10 hours later I was still dry heaving and learned my friends were taking bets as to if I’d have to go to the hospital. Oh the stupidity of youth.

3. L and I were both editors of our high school yearbooks. That’s not a secret…but truth be told, putting together our album for adoption was easier and more appealing for us than going through any IVF treatment.

4. Earlier this week I learned the Meme rhymes with DREAM, not PeePee. Who knew.

5. I really dislike making phone calls to people I don’t know very well/cold calls for work or volunteering or anything.

Now for the taggging……let’s see who volunteers!!! Anyone? anyone??

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