A Belated Christmas Visit

We saw J and Z last night and had a nice visit. It’s funny because now that M can run around like a “big” kid, she and Z just played and played while we talked with J. We exchanged gifts–M is now the proud owner of a Colts Cheerleading dress and some Pop-On blocks from Fisher Price, which I must say ROCK, and Z loved his superman walkie-talkies and Star Wars shirt. J was amazed at how much hair M has now–it really is growing fast! M had no problems with the full flight of stairs, and quickly found and learned how to use the TV remote like it was her own. She recited her favorite words (tree, ball, ba-ba, mine, dance) when appropriate and she and Z put on a great dance contest with our cell phones’ ringtones.

We stayed for about two hours-it was really good to see them, but kind of sad. They are going through a lot–they always seem to be–nothing is ever easy in their world, and really, all we can do is listen. So we did. And we gave hugs, and reassurance, promises to keep in touch, which is about all we can do. But we do it as well as we can.

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