One of those weeks….

It’s amazing how many times I think that in say, the course of a month. Why do I continue to attempt to predict the future? You’d think I’d learn.

Today I planned to drop M at Rainbow, do a staff development day (code for: work on the stuff I always mean to do but don’t), go to the chiro, pickup M, etc. etc.

This morning at 9:30 I get the call that she’s pulling on her ears and running a low temp. Guess we’ll go for a recheck with the ENT sooner rather than later. So we did, and she’s fine. Sometimes, apparently, if there’s any inflammation in the eustachian (SP?) tubes, there’s a popping/cracking sensation she’s probably experiencing for the first time. Oh, and well, you know, those low grade fevers come and go. And I think this one here now is in conjunction with the fact that she’s sticking her hand all the way in her mouth…is it time for 2nd year molars all ready?!?!?

As for the rest of the week: I was kind of exaggerating. But it was an unexpected sort of weekend. After we visited with J and Z, hubby went to work (at 9pm after already working 8-5pm). And really, with the exception of coming home for about 7 hours on Saturday morning, he didn’t really come home until SUNDAY NIGHT. The man worked something close to 40 hours of overtime. Turns out, when there are ice storms west of here, the mobile phone company has to move generators through his location from the east, and send them west. And someone has to manage that project. That someone would be him. He slept on a cot, ate lots of take out, and watched around 75 generators get loaded on and off of semi trucks for close to 36 hours straight. Strange, oh so very strange. Which left me and the monkey to do as we please most of the weekend. Sunday we went to visit the monkey’s boyfriend, A. They had a fun play date while I had a fun visit with A’s parents.

Today hubby went to a rhuemo doc and turns out, he’s got some creepy joint virus. A virus in his joints. Seriously. The great news is that it can be cleared up with meds. What’s even better? Our insurance rocks. I’m thankful for that Especially on days like this, where 2 of us go to the doctor and incur probably about oh, say, $500 worth of bills. And we just pay our measly co-pay. Very, very thankful. (seriously, w/o insurance, it would have cost $85 to tell me M’s “fine”. $85!)

Which leads me to this:………….I find lots of cool things on this information superhighway via my SIL’s blog–I Should Be Folding Laundry.

Upon logging on today, I found out about Kelli and what the internet community is doing for her. I was amazed, and thought about it for a little bit….and decided to jump in to help the cause. And ok, I’m getting a little blog-botox from BlueBirdBlogs in the process. It’s for such a good cause, how could I say no?? So check out the links, see what you think. I just checked the totals, and close to $3,000 has been raised so far. And that doesn’t include the proceeds from people like me, getting bloggie-botox. $3,000 is more than 2 months of anti-rejection drugs.
Makes my $85 complaint look like a drop in the bucket.

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  1. BLOGGIE BOTOX. I love it! How exciting! How soon until it’s done? Isn’t it a great cause?

    I’m glad L was FINALLY diagnosed. Is it Parvo? I can’t believe he worked so much. WHAT A PAIN!

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