Color me *OXY* clean

Laundry doesn’t usually get me very excited…but I have to say that I am most jazzed by my discovery (5 years behind the rest of the world, I’m sure) of OxyClean. It seriously works, removing stains from things I didn’t think would ever come clean–tea off of a table cloth, make-up off a shirt, rotten baby food off of a onesie…you name it, it cleans it. LOVE THAT.

What else?? Tonight we are meeting J, Z, and K for a belated Christmas gathering. We’re bringing pizza over, along with a new slew of pictures (which are currently being printed at Walgreens while I type) and presents for Z. It should be fun! We haven’t seen K since June, so I’m sure she’ll be excited to see M–she wasn’t quite walking the last time they met! Funny how time flies. G isn’t able to make it, but we decided to go ahead and see everyone else tonight, or else it will be Easter before we see everyone again.

Also new this week–we have a sitter! A babysitter. Not a mom friend, not a licensed daycare provider or someone with a state teaching license or a relative–an actual teenage babysitter. I don’t know why, but I’m excited. Probably because I’ve been having flashbacks to my teenage babysitting days. Anyway, we have a lovely sophomore in high school at our church who’s the oldest of FIVE children. I’d heard she was great. The rumors were true. Wednesday night L was back to school (new semester!) and I had a meeting I wanted to attend. So I hired a babysitter. It’s the first time I’ve paid a babysitter since M__ was born, if you don’t count the wad of cash we spend on daycare and the assorted giftcards/lunches/bartering system in place by my group of friends. M did just fine–played and went to bed with no problem at all! Nothing like coming home to a good report! Maybe L and I will go out to dinner sometime in the near future. tee hee hee…

2 Replies to “Color me *OXY* clean”

  1. oh! A babysitter, how wonderful! I think that will be my goal this year…find a good babysitter!

    I’ve never used oxyclean, but I will now!

  2. Oxyclean is WONDERFUL! For poopy diaper stains, bibs, rotten banana black spots – I used to throw a cupful in with each wash, then had to start using “free” stuff, as Babe has eczema.

    Now, I’ll soak his things for a while in Oxy and water, then wash in my usual Dreft. They also have Oxy Free (which replaced the Baby Oxy, I think).

    It’s GREAT stuff. I put a cupful in with every load of white/light adult things, too – heads off yellow well water stains.

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