sans Sybil or: today is brought to you by the color blue

Life without Sybil lurking around the school has been sooooo much better. Granted it’s only been two days, but it’s been so less stressful and nutty I can’t really even begin. Except to say that things are MUCH better. Which is saying a lot, because I came home covered in blue paint.

Ok, not covered. Not covered in comparision to the 3 year old who went hog-wild at the easel and ended up with paint in her HAIR,but more covered than your average 34 year old on any given non-game day here in the Circle City.

When I rounded the corner and saw my budding O’Keefe, I was really thankful that I didn’t put the red paint out today, or the art area would have looked like a crime scene instead of just a smurf-party gone bad. Seriously. She got the other side of the easel. The floor. The sink. The cabinet. The step stool. The fridge. Her socks and her hair.

It’s days like this that make me say, “to hell with the process, give me CRAYOLA COLOR WONDER!!!” But then I regroup and remember that it is a process, and while my little O’Keefe has a long way to go in the painting department, she did a good job of helping me to clean up.

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