Overwhelmed, anyone??

Is it just me or does Christmas come faster every year?? As a kid, Advent took forever–4 whole weeks?? A lifetime. I used to love it when Christmas fell on a Monday, because that meant that week 4 was really short. Now, I’d love for Christmas to be on a Saturday. To have a whole 4th week would be divine. Yes, I know that the 25th is the 25th no matter how you slice it, but still. The appearance of more time would be appreciated.

Why do I need more time?? Because I’m still living at the chiro’s office (practically). Because M now needs to go see our family doc before her surgery Thursday to verify that there’s nothing to worry about with the cough that she has (apparently, you can’t go under anesthesia if you have some chest ailments). Because I had to reschedule a hair appt Friday for a quick trip to the doc myself (girl parts behaving badly-hopefully not a big deal). Because I still have gifts to BUY, gifts to WRAP, gifts to PACK. And M’s having surgery Thursday. And we’re leaving Friday. Yikes!

But Christmas morning will come regardless, and it will be good, regardless, so I guess I’ll leave it at that.

Saturday we went to the Children’s Musuem again, and seriously, if you haven’t been, get down there!!! We had soooo much fun we bought a membership (Merry Christmas to us) for the year. They transform their big staircase into a big slide, and it’s a blast. M had the very best time. We will be going back often!!!

M and daddy ready to ride the carousel

M in the aMAZEing maze
M ready for the 500

The giant slide that only comes around once a year! It’s very fun!!

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  1. I saw the title and thought you were speaking directly to me!

    Okay – next playdate for baby A and M must be AT the museum, now that he’s walking all the time……

    Thinking of her today and tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone on your end! Keep me updated……..

    Be careful on your trip, and enjoy the time w/ the fam.

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